Writing: Making a Movie

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Do you have a great idea for a movie? How would you persuade an audience to go see it? Plan a movie and write a letter promoting it. You can even make your own movie ticket or trailer!



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  • Do you know what a movie trailer is?

It is a quick movie preview designed to make people want to see it.

Watch this trailer for the movie Finding Dory.

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  • Would you want to see this movie based on that trailer?
  • Do you enjoy watching movies?
  • What is your favorite movie? Why?

People love movies because they tell exciting stories, taking us to different places and times.

Watching movies with friends and family is fun, but they can also teach us important lessons or be a source of inspiration.

Some movies have great music and special effects, while others can make us feel strong emotions like joy and sadness.

In short, people love movies because they entertain, educate, and connect us.

  • Have you ever thought of an idea for a movie?

In this lesson, you will write a letter to persuade your audience to see your new movie — just like a trailer does!

First, you need to create your movie.

Take a few moments to brainstorm the topic and theme of your movie.

Choose characters, setting, and a problem and solution for the movie.

You can organize your thoughts on this Personal Narrative: Tell Your Story graphic organizer.

When you are ready, go to the Got It? section to tell the world about your movie!

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