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Do you have problems finding solutions to problems? What's the solution? Fiction stories are exciting because they involve problems and solutions. Sneeches and online games help you create your story!



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Fiction writers would have a problem writing interesting stories if they didn't include problems and solutions. See if you can find the solution to finding problems and solutions in fiction!

All fiction stories have a problem!

The problem has to do with the main character, and is something that is going wrong, or already has gone wrong. Often it is what makes the story interesting from the beginning.

The solution is the fix to the problem. Sometimes, the initial problem is solved, but not solved well, and this creates more problems, or an even trickier problem for the main characters. Sometimes, it can be a constant cycle of problem, then solution, followed by another problem, and so on!

Watch this quick definition to get a clear understanding of the general concept of problem and solution.

If only all probems were so easy to recognize and solve! Let's take a look at a more complex problem and solution in a fictional text.

Print the Problem and Solution Graphic Organizer from Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar. Fill out this graphic organizer while you listen to the story below. You can also fill it out after you listen, if that works better for you. Have fun!

Now, listen to the book The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss (read by John Strain):


What do you think the problem or problems in this book are? Are there any solutions? Did one of the solutions cause more problems? You can discuss these questions with your parent or teacher. Go over your graphic organizer with him or her before continuing.

The first problem in this book is: The star-belly Sneeches were mean to the plain-belly Sneeches.

The solution to this problem is: The plain-belly Sneeches go in to the Star On Machine.

The solution to the first problem creates the second problem: The Sneeches go in and out of the Star On and Star Off Machines so much that they all get mixed up.

The solution to the second problem: The Sneeches realize that no Sneeches are better than other Sneeches and they should treat each other the same, no matter what they look like.

Great work on that graphic organizer! Now, continue on to the Got It? section peruse a favorite book for problems and solutions!

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