Words in Your World!

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Words are all around you! Some are part of signs and labels, and you may already know how to read them! Cereal and pizza can help you learn to read and write the words in your world!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!

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  • Do you recognize what the signs on this building say?

Burger King at night

The words you see around you are some of the first words you learn to read and write!

In this lesson, explore your world and read and write the words about places you like to visit, foods you like to eat, and so much more!

These words might be signs, colors, logos, or other written words.

Watch the silent video below for an introduction to reading words that are part of your world. See how many you recognize.

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See how the examples you viewed relate directly to your world!

Visit your home's kitchen and explore the labels that tell the names of your favorite foods.

  • How many words are familiar to you?
  • Are there other places in your home or community that include words that describe familiar items and places to visit?

Think about the signs and logos found on your toys and other things you see in your environment.

  • Can you write 5 of the words you recognize?

Use the I Can Write! template from Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar to help you write all 5 words!

Then, head over to the Got It? section for more fun practice!

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