Using Pictures to Tell a Story

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How would you describe a flower or a bird? With just one word? That would be absurd! Isn't it more fun to add colors and descriptions? Learn what a sentence is and how to write one that makes sense!



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Imagine a farm.

  • What are some things you see on a farm?
  • Do you see a cow and pigs?
  • Maybe there is a vegetable patch with strawberries growing?
  • What else do you see?
  • Can you describe what you see in your mind?

When you look at a picture, you can think of many different sentences to tell what is happening in the picture.

You know the following about sentences.

  • Sentences need to be complete and make sense.
  • Sentences must start with a capital letter and end with punctuation.
  • Sentences need a subject and a verb

In this lesson, learn how to use a picture as a guide to write sentences or tell a story.

  • Are you ready?

Look at this cheerful sun. It's a beautiful day!

shining sun at clear blue sky

Now, think of a sentence to describe this picture. Remember, a sentence is a group of words that makes complete sense.

The sun is shining.

This sentence describes the picture!

Notice the word The is capitalized because it starts the sentence, and there is a period at the end.

Now, try another picture. Look at this playful dog chasing a ball. It seems like a lot of fun!

cute brown dog chasing after a ball in a garden

  • What sentence can you make to describe this picture?

Take a moment to think about it.

The dog is chasing a ball.

This sentence describes the picture!

  • Can you point to the capital letter starting the sentence and the period at the end?


Now, continue to the Got It? section to write some very short stories about pictures!

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