Parts of a Sentence

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This sentence does not make. Huh? See how important it is to learn to make complete sentences that make sense? Watch this video, match cards, and take a fun online quiz to learn parts of a sentence!


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"The boy"

You know this is not a complete sentence. How can you end this sentence to make sense?

Watch this Lesson 1 -Simple Sentences video (below), and then we will come back to see how to end the sentence: "The boy."

The video will begin where you left off in the last of the Related Lessons found in the right-hand sidebar. You will come back to this video in the next of the Related Lessons:


Now that you watched the video, how will you end this sentence? Choose one of the endings that makes sense:

  1. blue and yellow.
  2. sits in a chair.

Yes, "The boy sits in the chair." This makes sense and is a complete sentence.

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