Good Readers Retell a Story

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Do you ever finish a story and forget what it was about? Learn to be a good reader who can retell stories. You'll practice taking guided notes and retelling a story in your own words!



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Think of a time you wanted to keep something to yourself.

  • What did you do?

Good Readers think about what they read and retell the story using his or her own words.

Think of some reasons why a reader might retell a story. Talk about these reasons with your teacher or parent.

You may have said that readers retell and summarize a story to remember the important events, characters, and information in books. Or maybe a story is just so good, the reader wants to share it!

The way you retell a story depends on the type of story. You retell fiction and nonfiction stories a little bit differently.

Fiction stories are not real. When you read fiction, think about the setting of the story, the important characters and the problems they face, the sequence of the story, and the end when the problem was solved. You usually describe events in order of sequence: what happened first, next, then, and last.

Be sure to tell who (which characters) did what and where each event took place (setting).

Nonfiction stories are about real people, places, things, or events. When you read nonfiction, you retell and summarize the information using important details, facts, and vocabulary from the text.

Whether you are retelling and summarizing fiction or nonfiction, it is important to use your own words.

Watch this video to see an example of retelling:

eSpark Learning: How to Retell a Story Instructional Video

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