Word Problems

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Struggle with word problems? Learn the clue words that tell what operation is needed to solve the problem! Watch a video & complete a worksheet to become such an expert you can write your own problem!


Arithmetic, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Whole Numbers and Operations

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Have you ever struggled with solving a word problem?
You may have been struggling because you couldn’t decide which operation to use to solve the problem!

When solving a word problem, it is really important to read the question very carefully so that you know exactly what it is asking you to do.

Before you actually solve the problem, you want to identify and isolate the important information. Then, you can look for word clues to help you determine which operation you need to perform to solve the problem!

Watch this Scholastic Study Jams! Creating Equations from Word Problems video. Click on the green PLAY VIDEO circle.

Discuss the video with your parent, teacher, or friend. Talk about the different clue words that can help you select the right operation to use when solving word problems.

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