Extra or Missing?

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Solving word problems can be tricky, especially when there is too much or too little information. Never fear! Take this lesson with fun online help and learn the trick to solving tricky word problems!



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Solving word problems can be really hard! It can be even harder when the problem has extra information that just makes you confused, or if the problem can't be solved because it's missing information. Find out how to solve those tricky problems now!

Word problems are just plain hard sometimes!

They are even harder when there isn't enough information to solve the problem or if there is too much information put into the problem.

Go through this step-by-step activity called Identify Missing or Extra Information (studyjams.scholastic.com). Extraneous means more than what is needed. Do you see the word extra in there?

This activity will teach you a few steps and tricks to solve word problems with too much and not enough information. Once you are on the Scholastic Study Jams page, click on the green "Step by Step" circle to begin. Use the "Show Me" and "Next" buttons to navigate through the steps. Once you have finished with the first problem, move to the next example by clicking the "Watch Out!" tab.

Keep that window open and come back here for the next part of this lesson.

Great job learning!

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