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When you think of an engineer, do you think of a train driver? Someone designed the train and nearly everything you see around you! With videos, games and fun experiments, learn about engineering!


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What do these inventions have in common?

car, parachute, and sailboat

An engineer is a person who designs and builds products, machines, and structures.

There are different kinds of engineers who solve various problems. Some examples include civil engineers who design bridges and railways; aerospace engineers who create airplanes and spacecraft; and computer engineers who invent software and electronic circuits.

In this lesson, you will explore engineering with captivating videos, and, with online activities and problem-solving inventions, experience what it’s like to be an engineer. Get started!

  1. Watch SciShow Kids Solve Problems: Be an Engineer! (below) to learn about the three questions engineers ask themselves when they are working.


  1. Review with your teacher the three questions engineers ask themselves. Discuss examples from the video of different problems and how they were solved.
  1. Read (or have someone read to you) about many different types of engineers. Roll over the images at Types of Engineering ( to learn about each category.
  1. Discuss with your teacher the types of engineering you find most interesting. What are some types of products, machines, or structures you could design, create, or build? What problems do the products, machines, or structures solve?

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