Be a Text Detective

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Become a detective so you better understand everything you read. You'll practice with online poems and a book of your choice. By the end of this lesson, you'll be a TEXT DETECTIVE!



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You are about to become a detective…. A TEXT DETECTIVE!

Play “I Spy!”

Ask someone in your family to give you clues on finding an object somewhere in the room.  

How did you find the items in the room? What strategies did you use to help you? 

YOU were detective! 

Today, you will become a reading detective! You will find evidence in a story that will give you the information to answer questions about and summarize what you have read.  

Reading detectives read the text many times.  

  1. Read the first time to get the gist of the story. 
  2. Read the second time to gain information. Underline, highlight or use sticky notes to mark details and important information.  
  3. Read a third time to gain understanding of what you have read in order to answer questions and summarize the material. 

In this lesson, we are going to read a section of a text to answer who, what, where and when. We will also find the problem and solution.  

Print out the Text Detective Graphic Organizer Example found in the Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar as an example.

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