How I Am Connected to the Middle Ages

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Have you ever dreamed of being a knight or princess? They lived during the Middle Ages. You'll learn what life would have been like for you then, how you would behave, and even try a Medieval recipe!



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Can you imagine living in the kingdom pictured above? You would live among a king, queen, princesses, princes, and brave knights. All of these things were part of a time called the Middle Ages! Many fairy tales are told about this time; if they include castles, kings, and knights, then you are most likely reading about this time in history!

During its mighty empire, Ancient Rome took over many other countries and peoples and became a large and strong empire. (To learn more aboue about Ancient Rome, check out the lesson found under Additional Resources.)

Eventually, the Empire fell apart because one emperor could not control so many people. When the empire began to fall apart, the time we call the "Middle Ages" began. People during the Middle Ages realized it was hard to rule over a large group of people with different beliefs, so people began to come up with rulers to rule over smaller areas of land. Those rulers were called "kings."

  • Have you heard of a king?
  • Are there still kings today?

There are!

  • Can you name any kings, even if they're just pretend?

Kings had complete rule over the people and army. They were expected to lead their army into battle. People believed that God chose the kings, then that right would be passed down to each generation.

  • Have you heard about the Middle Ages, which are also known as Medieval Times?
  • If you have, what do you already know about this period of history?

Share what you know with your teacher.

To learn more about the Middle Ages, check out these sites and videos:

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You can learn some facts about the history of the Middle Ages in this kidskonnect article, Middle Ages Facts & Worksheets. After reading this article about life in the Middle Ages, you can decide if you would want to live back in this time period.

Move along to the Got It? section to help you decide!

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