Animal and Plant Interactions

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Without bees, there would be no flowers. Learn how bees and butterflies move seeds around so flowers and fruit can grow!


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  • Are you afraid of bees?

Don’t worry! Some people don’t like bees because they are afraid of getting stung.

  • But did you know that bees are really helpful to plants?

Without bees, a lot of plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables would die!

In order for a flower to create seeds it needs to be pollinated!

Bees help pollinate flowers by taking pollen from one flower to another. Pollen is the powdery orange or yellow substance found on the anthers which are located on the flowers' stamens.

Don't worry if you don’t know those words yet. Watch this video to learn more.

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Some animals such as hummingbirds, ants, beetles, and butterflies help pollinate just like bees do.

Other animals and even humans help plants to grow by dispersing their seeds. Birds eat berries that have seeds inside of them. When the bird has digested the berries, the seeds end up in the bird's poop!

  • Gross, right?

When the bird poops it is actually dispersing the seeds. Now those seeds can grow into a new berry plant!

  • Can you think of other ways animals and even humans can disperse seeds?

Watch another video to find out how seeds travel.

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