Light and Shadow

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When you walk outside, do you have the feeling you are being followed? You probably are! Watch videos, visit The House of Shadows, and build your own sundial as you learn all about light and shadow!



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A shadow is a dark shape that appears when someone or something moves between a surface and a source of light.

The surface can be the ground or even a table. The source of light can be the sun, a lamp, or a flashlight.

In this lesson, you will investigate how shadows are formed and have some fun in the process. Through the use of interesting videos, fun activities, and a de-LIGHT-full project, you will examine light and shadows.

Watch Peekaboo Kidz's Shadow / The Dr. Binocs Show / Educational Videos for Kids to learn how shadows are formed, and why at certain times shadows are different sizes:

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  • What did you learn from the video?

When you are ready, move on to the Got It? section for some "shadowy" activities!

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