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Snow is snow, yes? Maybe we don't think much about it, but snowfalls are actually amazing art shows with creative crystals! Learn some geometry, too, as you work with hands-on projects and dig deeper!


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  • Why is there a honeycomb at the beginning of a lesson on snowflakes?

Rain, snow, sleet, and hail are different types of precipitation.

Certain weather conditions cause different types of precipitation in regions around the world. In some places, it rains a lot. In other places, rain is rare. Snow is common on mountaintops and in certain regions during the winter. Other areas or regions of the world have never had snow.

In this lesson, you will investigate snow and snowflakes using videos, hands-on activities, and exciting projects.

First, you will begin an KWL Chart, found in Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar. Before watching the videos in this lesson, write what you KNOW about snow or snowflakes in the first column and what you WANT to know about snowflakes in the second column. You may use drawings to illustrate your thoughts as well.

Watch Where Do Snowflakes Come From? from SciShow Kids to learn about snowflakes and how they form. Pause the video to take notes in the What I LEARNED column of your KWL Chart as you learn new things. You can draw or write in the column. You may also have thought of something else you WANT to know. You can add that to the second column and continue to research snowflakes.

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  • Ready to make a snowflake?

Get your scissors and move on to the Got It? section!

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