Writing a Bio Poem

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Which is harder: writing a poem or getting to know someone, even yourself? How about writing a poem about someone? Learn what it takes to be a great biographer as you examine and write about someone!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Dr. Seuss is a beloved children's author who has written many children's books. Do you know that writing books and having them published was at times difficult and a struggle for Dr. Seuss? Dr. Seuss demonstrates the qualities of determination and perseverance. Dr. Seuss was also a very creative man who created stories, characters, and rhymes to entertain others. Can you relate to Dr. Seuss' determination and creativity?

Writing a biographical poem about a friend, family member, historical figure, or famous person helps to develop critical thinking about relationships, hopes, experiences, and the interests of others.

You are likely to find common interests with others; that helps you make friends and get along with people. These common interests lead to the development of your own identity and character.

What is a bio poem?

A bio poem is a form of poetry that follows a pattern and format. The words you choose should be colorful and descriptive. You will use this Bio Poem Brainstorm interactive below throughout this lesson. You can print out your answers with the Document Export button at the end:


Now that you have an idea about what a bio poem is, put on your poet's hat and continue on to the Got It? section!

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