Visualizing What You Read

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Did you know you can use your nose and tongue to help you read? Using all five senses can help you make a movie in your mind as you read so you can enter into the story as the author intended!



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Have you ever read about a  day at the beach and you could picture the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore? Maybe you could almost smell or taste the salty air. When you read you used your five senses. How can using your five senses help you to become a better reader?

Good readers often have the ability to make a movie in their minds when they read.

To make a movie in your mind, you need to combine your prior knowledge (what you already know) with what the author writes to create the images.

Watch this video of Preludes by T.S. Elliot to learn more about visualizing. Have a pencil and paper ready. As you enjoy the video, sketch your visualization of Preludes as the video plays. You can pause it if you need to do so in order to complete your sketches:


Which of your five senses did you use to create your visualization? Did the poem trigger your senses of smell, taste, sight, hearing, or touch with his descriptive words? Next to the illustrations you drew, write down words and phrases from the poem which helped you to visualize.


  • In what ways did your sketch help you to understand the poem or reinforce the author's words?
  • Did you make a personal connection to the poem?

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