The Human Race and Me

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We are all alike but we are all different! Using videos, stories, and by writing a book and poem about you, learn how we are all different yet the same, and how you can make the world a little better!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Look at yourself in the mirror.

  • What makes you different from your brothersister, or parent?
  • Do you have different-colored hair or eyes?
  • What makes you the same as your brothersister, or parent?
  • Do you have the same skin color or smile?

Each person is unique, which means we are all different and special. Though we are each unique, we are similar to those in our family in the way we look and act, and we have similar likes and dislikes as our friends. We all come from this one big world, but we get to make our own unique life. In this lesson, let’s look at YOU! You will get to do activities to show how unique you are, and you will do activities to show how connected we are as a human race. This lesson is the first out of 4 lessons in a series about how you are connected to the past.

All children love to sing and play! Watch this video called Hello to all the Children of the World (below). You will get to see how different countries say “Hello.” See if you can pronounce their word for hello after the song sings it. As you watch the video, pay attention to the different clothes they wear and symbols around them. Share what you see with your teacher:

There is a great book called We Are All Alike…We Are All Different written by a kindergarten class at Cheltenham Elementary School.

  • Reading the title of the story, what do you think the story will be about?

Answer the questions inside the story when the person reading asks them:

  • After hearing the story, can you name one way in which we are all the same?
  • What is one way that we are all different?

For example, we are all the same because we all have families, but we are different because some people live with their Moms, some with their Dads, and some with grandparents.

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