Comparing Maps and Globes

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Travel along as we compare maps and globes! Which would you rather have on your lap when riding in the car? Which lets you see the world as a satellite does? Get out your building blocks and learn!



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Maps and globes can be used to study the world. Which one should you use on a long road trip with your parents? Which one helps you learn about Earth? Travel along as we compare maps and globes!

Maps and globes have similarities and differences.

In this lesson, you will compare and contrast the features of maps and globes and learn when you should use them.

1. Use the Graphic Organizer - 2 Column Chart to take notes about maps and globes as you work through the lesson. Print one or two copies of the chart, found in Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar.

Label one column of the chart "Maps" and label the other column "Globes." You will write or draw things you learn from the videos in Step #2 below. Suggested answers can be found in the Comparing Maps and Globes Resource Notes and Answer Key (Downloadable Resources).

2. Watch the Maps and Globes video and Maps and Globes - 2nd Grade Instructional Vodcast by Parisa Badizadegan (below) to learn about the similarities and differences of maps and globes. Pause each video as you learn something new and write or draw it on the 2 Column Chart. When you are finished watching the videos, share the information you learned with a friend or family member!

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After watching and sharing, continue on to the Got It? section to map what you've learned on a double bubble map!

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