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Everybody is different from everyone else in some way. It may be gender, skin color, ethnicity, religion, personality, or wealth. How do you react to different people? Examine tolerance and yourself.


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Cory is white and Jason is black. They are best friends and enjoy learning about each other's cultures. Some think they don't have a lot in common, but they say that they do have a lot in common and their race difference isn't a big deal to them. Other students give them a hard time and say people who share the same race are more similar and get along better. Cory and Jason, however, believe that if neither of them had been willing to risk leaving his cultural comfort zone, both of them would have missed out on an amazing friendship. What are these boys displaying?

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Please come up with your own definition for the following words: religion, culture, race diversity, prejudice, and bias.

Once you have defined each word, please look up the words in Merriam-Webster to see if they mean what you thought they meant.

What are some similarities among the words? Differences among the words? Use the Graphic Organizer - Double Bubble Map to compare and contrast the words. You can download this from Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar.

What are some other differences people might have that have led to disrespect?

Please watch the following trainingABC Diversity Video about diversity and tolerance:


Once you have watched the video, please take two quotes from the video and explain the meaning of each in your own words.

What does it mean to be tolerant of people’s differences?

What are skills that are needed to show acceptance and respect of others?

It's important to remember that tolerance doesn't mean accepting bad or sinful behavior, but it does mean showing love to everyone regardless of differences. We may not always agree with the decisions that others have made in their lives, but we want to love like Christ loved.

Fill out the A Stranger Among Us worksheet (located in Downloadable Resources).

What might you miss out on if you allow your fear and biases to take over and you don’t take the time to get to know the person behind the differences?

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In the next section, you will learn more about tolerance through music.

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