Amelia Earhart's Roles

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Explore the life of Amelia Earhart, her roles in history, and how she is still relevant today through videos, online research, and creative activities and projects. Be inspired to fly higher!


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The world was stunned when Amelia Earhart’s plane went missing in 1937. Her disappearance is still a mystery.

As one of the first female pilots, Earhart made a difference in history for women in aviation and the world.

  • Why is Amelia Earhart's life so fascinating to people?

Explore her roles to find out!

Studying the lives of significant people can help you understand history from a different perspective (point of view) and recognize an individual's impact on an event or the world.

As you explore Earhart's life, use the Amelia Earhart Resource Notes sheet to record her significant roles. An Amelia Earhart Answer Key with suggested answers is also provided.

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Learn about Amelia Earhart using the following videos and websites.

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Feel free to use other resources to fill in your notes. Some Suggested Reading is noted in the right-hand sidebar.

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