Identify the Setting of a Story

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The setting is a very important component to a story. The description of the place and time of the story lets readers see the world the characters live in. Get set to learn how to find the setting!



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There is a quotation that says, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one” (George Martin). What do you think that quote means? How do you find out?

When you read a book, you enter a new world, living out the experiences the characters in the story encounter!

You could be back in time fighting dragons, or you could be in the future on another planet talking to an alien!

Books can take you to far-away places that are imaginable through the development of the setting within the story. The location in which a book takes place in is called the setting. The setting is the where and when a story happens.

Go through the setting presentation below to review what setting is, then try to identify the setting in a few examples.

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Also, watching Why is a story's setting important?, from mistersato411, will help further explain story setting:

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You can refer back to this acrostic throughout the lesson:



 cene of a story


















 eographical location


Continue on to the Got It? section to see how changing the setting changes the story!

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