Vocabulary: Long I

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Why do I spy an ice cream pie on the right side of my bike? It's a silly sentence, but it shows the Long-I sound. Video and games teach you how to read the different ways of making the long-I sound!


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That nice dog might bite. Nice, might, bite.

  • What do those words have in common?

The long /i/ sound!

It's time to study the long /i/ sound!

That's not the Long Island Sound in New York; it's a vowel!

Start by watching the Elementary School Videos Letter I - Long Vowel Sound video about the long i sound below:

Image - Video


Think about the spelling patterns you saw for the long /i/ sound:


  • nice
  • bike
  • shine


  • pie
  • tie
  • flies


  • light
  • night
  • tight

Can you think of additional words to add to these categories?

After you think of a few nice words, move on to the Got It? section to play a sorting game!

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