Collective Detective - Identifying the Same Final Sounds

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The Vocabulary Fairy is not so merry! She has little time to find words that rhyme! The words that she'll send must rhyme in the end! Do us a favor and try to save her! It may be you to the rescue!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


The Vocabulary Fairy needs help! She is trying to make a list of rhyming words for the kindergarten students she is going to visit. Not just any rhyming words — only words that rhyme at the end. However, she has a really bad cold and her ears are clogged. She is having a hard time hearing. She needs a Collective Detective, someone who is able to hear the sounds at the end of a word, to help her put together a good rhyming list for the kindergarten students. Can you help the Vocabulary Fairy? Are you up for the challenge?

So, it seems as if you ARE up for the challenge!

I hope you can help the Vocabulary Fairy, because she is running out of time. At the end of this lesson, you will need to put on your “Special Detective Hat” grab your magnifying glass, and go around your home looking for words that rhyme at the end. You will need a “Detective’s Apprentice” (teacher or another student) for this activity. We will come back to this activity later on.

Let’s talk about rhyming! Describe rhyming, in your own words, to your teacher or another student. Have you ever made your own rhyme? If you have, share it with your parent, teacher, or another student. Make sure you point out what words sound the same in your rhyme!

Here is a rhyme I made:

My Name is Fred

My name is Fred.

I am sick in my bed.

Whenever I sneeze,

I feel a breeze.

My throat is so sore

And I hear myself snore.

I have a cold,

that makes me feel old.

When I put on my sweater,

It makes me feel better!

Today, we are going to work with rhyming words, but we are going to work with a special kind of rhyming. We are going to figure out what words rhyme BUT they have to only rhyme at the END of the word, the last sound of the word.

For example, notice hook and book and glass and class. One important thing to remember about words that rhyme at the end is that we are more interested in how the words sound than how they are spelled.

You are going to work with pictures that have words with them.

Even though the ends of these words MAY NOT be spelled the same, pay more attention to the way they sound than how they are spelled.

Activity #1

Right now, we are going to see if we can figure out which words rhyme at the end, with the help of a worksheet. You need something to color the pictures on the first page of the Rhyming Packet in Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar. You also need to bring along your good pair of listening ears!

  1. Place the first page of the Rhyming Packet and your coloring utensils in front of you.
  2. Look at the first picture on the worksheet. Do you know what that is a picture of? You do? Wonderful! Say the name of that picture out loud, and pay close attention to the sound you hear at the end of the word (ox sound). You can repeat the word as many times as you need to so you can clearly hear the sound at the end with your listening ears!
  3. Color in that picture.
  4. Now, look at the 3 pictures that are in the same row as the fox. Can you tell your teacher or another student what you see in those pictures? Of course you can! Go ahead say the names of those pictures out loud. Again, say them as many times as you need to so you can really hear the last sound of each word with your listening ears!
  5. Which of these pictures and words rhymes with our first word? When you find that word or words, it’s time to color! Remember, only color in the pictures that rhyme with our first word (fox), and only rhyme at the end of the word.
  6. Here is a helpful tip: Some of the words may have more than one word in their row that rhymes with them based on the end sound of the word. For each word you work with, make sure you listen really well with your good pair of listening ears, and if more than one word rhymes at the end with the first word, be sure to color all the ones that rhyme.
  7. Complete a few more rows on this worksheet until you are sure you can hear the sounds at the end of the words really well with that good pair of listening ears!

Give your fingers a rest, then continue on to the Got It? section for an active activity!

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