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Everything around you came from somewhere; stuff doesn't just magically appear in your room or in the refrigerator. Watch how bouncy balls and fortune cookies are made, then make something to share!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Think about everything you have touched in the last hour, including everything you played with, ate, worked with, and have worn. You have touched many objects, right? Where did they all come from?

Each of those things that you touched is called a good.

A good can be something grown or made. Examples of goods that are grown are:

  • flowers
  • fruits
  • vegetables

Examples of goods that have been made, or manufactured, are:

  • the computer you are using.
  • the clothes you are wearing.
  • the chair on which you are sitting.

A person who buys and uses goods is called a consumer, so you are a consumer of goods. In order to make goods, we need resources. What is a resource?

To find out more, continue on to the Got It? section to find out where stuff comes from!

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