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Whether you like the weather or not, you would not want to visit the water park in winter and go down the ice slide, would you? Do some research and collect data to create your own weather graph!


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Pretend you and your family are going to an amusement park this weekend. You have been looking forward to this all week! There are many fun rides at the park, including water rides and a swimming pool! What kind of weather do you hope to have this weekend? How can the weather forecast help you know what your trip will be like?

What’s your favorite season?

Think about the weather during this season. Is it hot or cold? Does it rain or snow?

Draw a picture of you doing something you love during your favorite season. When you are finished, make a list of words to describe the weather during that season.

Now, take a look at the bar graph below. This graph displays the weather over a period of time. Answer these questions about the graph:

  • How many days was it sunny?
  • How many days was it rainy?
  • How many days was it cloudy?
  • What type of weather did they have least often?
  • What season do you think this is?

weather bar graph 

Continue on to the Got It? section to create your own weather graph!

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