Learning About Patterns

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Patterns are all around us, both natural and man-made. You will find those patterns and figure out what the next item in a pattern is using building bricks, crafts, and your imagination!


Counting and Cardinality

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Let’s stand up and move our bodies! First, stomp your left foot, then clap once, and jump. Again, stomp your left foot, clap and jump, stomp your left foot, clap — and guess what you are going to do next. Yes, jump! How did you know?

When something keeps alternating and repeating, we call that a pattern.

There are all sorts of patterns, and there are patterns all around us! Maybe you have a tile floor with repeating blocks, or you have a shirt with a pattern of stripes or plaid on it.

Look around the house, and take pictures of all of the patterns you find. Creation also has many amazing patterns, especially if you look very closely.

Here is a Patterns in Nature video from Alicia Douglas, showing just a few of them:

Image - Video

While watching the video, were you amazed that there were so many patterns around you?

  1. Go outside and look for some! Remember, look closely at leaves, birds, trees, flowers, bugs — just about everything!
  2. If you can’t find a pattern outside, you can Google search for some examples.
  3. Take pictures of the patterns.
  4. Print out all of them and place them on a big piece of chart paper labeled, “I found patterns all around me.” Point out the pattern in each picture.

Ask if you can display the chart where others can see it!

When you are done with your masterpiece, move on to the Got It? section to work with some manipulatives!

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