Determining Capacity

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As you go through this lesson, you will get hands-on experience playing and discovering facts about capacity. You will estimate, compare, and measure different capacities.


Measurement and Data

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Imagine it’s a warm sunny day outside and you have just finished playing a game of soccer. You are soooo thirsty and your coach gives you the choice of 2 glasses of water. Which one would you choose? Why?

Remember how thirsty you were after that soccer game? Which glass did you choose, the taller or shorter glass?

2 glasses of water

The tallest glass will hold the most water; we could also say it has the largest capacity. And when you are thirsty, more water is better! I bet you picked the tallest glass!

Here is a fun video to show you the different measurements we use to talk about capacity. I think you have probably heard of some of them. While watching the video, did you hear words you knew? What was one new word about capacity you learned?

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