Match It! Letters N-Z

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Recognizing uppercase and lowercase letters is important to help you read and write. Practice matching letters, play a fun online game, and use play dough for hands-on practice!



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Sing along with the video below to review the alphabet!

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  • Did you notice how each letter can be written two different ways?

The alphabet has 26 letters, and each one has an uppercase and lowercase version.

The video sang the alphabet song with lowercase letters first. Then, the song used the bigger uppercase letters, also called capital letter.

alphabet with uppercase and lowercase letters

Uppercase letters are used to begin people's names, to name places, and to start a sentence. Identifying uppercase letters helps you be a strong reader and writer.

Print Write Letters N to Z, found under Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar, and practice writing each uppercase and lowercase letter.

Look at the practice page you just completed. Touch each letter, name it, and state the letter's sound.

Great work!

Continue to the Got It? section for more practice with letters!

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