Match It! Letters A-M

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Have you ever noticed that there are two sizes for every letter of the alphabet? You will use beans, a cool matching game, flashcards, and a worksheet to learn about uppercase and lowercase letters!



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The alphabet has two kinds of letters: uppercase letters and lowercase letters. Let's use our sense of touch to learn to identify and match uppercase and lowercase letters!

The alphabet has 26 letters. There are uppercase and lowercase letters. Each uppercase letter has a corresponding lowercase letter. Uppercase letters are the bigger ones, also called capital letters.

Uppercase letters are used to begin people's names, to name places, and to start a sentence. Identifying uppercase letters will allow us to be stronger readers and writers.

Print Writing Worksheet Letters A-M, found under Downloadable Resources in the right-hand sidebar, and write each uppercase and lowercase letter.

Look at the practice page you just completed. Touch each letter, name it, and state the letter's sound.

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