How to Structure an Essay

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In this lesson, you will learn how to organize an essay (and maybe life), what the introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs look like, and how to brainstorm ideas for an organized “How To” essay!



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You are given a cookie jar, enough large rocks to fill it, a glass of pebbles, a glass of sand, and a pitcher of water (Not as appealing as cookies, right?).

  • Is it possible to fit all the items into the cookie jar?

Watch Rocks in a Jar (below):

Knowing the order of a task makes finishing the task easier.

  • What if the order of filling the jar were reversed?
  • How many attempts did it take?
  • How would you teach the order of the task to another person?
  • What life lesson do you think you learned while accomplishing the task?

(Use the "Hook" video for help on teaching the life lesson.)

Bottom Line: When organizing an essay, know what and how you want to communicate before you begin to write.

Organization means the logical progression and completeness of ideas in a text.

Watch the following video, How to Organize Your Essay, then discuss how the short video related to the activity you previously completed:

Just like the opening activity, there is a correctly-organized approach to writing an essay: start with your main idea, add your supporting information, and sprinkle in details and quotations!

  • Where else do we need to have organization in our lives?

Take at least 3 pictures with a camera or phone of areas in your life that need organization.

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