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Fill in learning gaps and give your student the extra boost they need this year with Elephango's Jumpstart Lessons!

Jumpstart Lessons are available for Language Arts and Math and are designed to get kids back on track as well as complement what they are learning in school.

  • Jumpstart lessons are filled with engaging content, essential skills, and the foundations your student needs to succeed this school year.
  • With Jumpstart, students have a quick and easy way to review concepts and important skills that they will continue to build on.
  • Jumpstart makes it easy for your student to explore further while also mastering the basics.
  • To access lessons if you are an Elephango subscriber, just click Jumpstart on the main navigation and select your child's grade level.

Jumpstart is the perfect fit for:

  • students who need additional review in Math and Language Arts due to learning gaps caused by COVID-19.
  • students who have not gotten enough review with these subjects in the new school year.
  • students who have not started school yet and need a review before their school year begins.
  • students who enjoy directing their own learning path and love interactive learning.

Lessons connect learning to real life and are designed so that you don't have to do any teaching!

Don't have an Elephango subscription? Sign up today and save 50%! Subscriptions are good for a year so you can use Elephango to enhance your entire school year.

About Elephango

Elephango is the industry leader in research-based homeschool curriculum resources. Every resource is designed so kids can take initiative, drive their own learning, experiment, get creative and share their ideas. Dynamic search makes it easy to find, organize, and assign lessons according to each child's needs and interests.

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