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Captain Calculator

Never need a calculator again when you master these operations and become your very own Captain Calculator!

Jumpstart The Number System: Apply And Extend Previous Understandings Of Operations With Fractions To Add, Subtract, Multiply, And Divide Rational Numbers
CCSS 7.NS.1.a-d; 7.NS.2.a-d; 7.NS.3

Resource Subject
1 Opposites on a Number Line Math
2 Number Lines: Operations and Comparing Integers Math
3 Operation Review: Amazing Addition Math
4 Operation Review: Simple Subtraction Rule Math
5 Operation Review: Mastering Multiplication Math
6 Product of ''Whole Number'' and Fraction Math
7 Operation Review: Dominating Division Math
8 Converting Fractions to Decimals and Percentages Math
9 Puzzling Percent: Word Problems! Math
10 Sales Tax and Change Back Math