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Eye Understand

Complete this badge to learn HOW to look at what you are reading to understand it better.

Jumpstart Reading Informational:Key Ideas and Details, Craft and Structure; Reading Literature: Craft and Structure,, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas; Reading Foundational Skills: Fluency; Language: Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
CCSS 2.RI.1; 2.RL.4; 2.RI.5-6; 2.RL.7; 2.RI.7-8; 2.RF.4.c; 2.L.4.a

Resource Subject
1 Answering Questions for Nonfiction Writing English / Language Arts
2 Nonfiction Purpose Reading
3 Making Inferences from Context Reading
4 What's the Setting, Anyway? Reading
5 Picture This! Reading
6 Patterns, Patterns Everywhere – in Places You Would Never Think! English / Language Arts
7 Finding Meaning from Simple Graphs and Charts Math

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