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Here's What Happened

You finished reading a text. Now what? This badge will help you answer that question!

Jumpstart Writing: Text Types and Purposes, Research to Build and Present Knowledge; Reading Literature: Key Ideas and Details; Speaking & Listening: Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas
CCSS 5.W.1.a-b; 5.W.9.a; 5.RL.1-3, 5-6; 5.SL.5

Resource Subject
1 Response to Literature: Introduction Part I English / Language Arts
2 Response to Literature: Introduction Part II English / Language Arts
3 Response to Literature: Expressing Ideas English / Language Arts
4 What's the Main Idea? Reading
5 Character Growth and Change Reading
6 The End: The One and Only Ivan Reading
7 Comparing and Contrasting With Double Bubble Maps Reading

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