Past-Tense Verbs That Are Pretty Weird!

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Just when you think you know all the spelling rules for words, there are words that don't fit the rules! How crazy! This lesson will help you master some of them.


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The past tense of hurt is...hurt!

  • How crazy is that?

Hurt is just one of the past-tense verbs that does not follow the usual rules. Knowing these words will help your spelling, talking, and understanding when reading.

Before diving into more irregular examples, let's review some important concepts.

  • What is a verb?

Verbs are action words. Watch What is a Verb? (Verbs for Kindergarten?First Grade), from Inspired by Kinder:

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  • What is past tense?

The tense of a verb lets you know when the action is happening. Past tense means that the action already happened.

For example: I worked in the school cafeteria last year.

Watch The Tenses Song (Past, Present & Future), from Anchor Creative Education, to learn more:

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  • What is irregular?

Irregular means something that is NOT regular. It is not normal! So, irregular verbs would be ones that are not normal.

Learn some irregular verbs as you watch Nessy Writing Strategy | Irregular Verbs | Learn to Write from Nessy:

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Now that you know the important concepts, let's take a look at some common examples of irregular past-tense verbs!

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These are just a few irregular verbs.

There are a lot of other examples, some of which you will discover in this lesson!

  • Can you think of any examples on your own?

The tricky part about irregular verbs is that you just have to practice and memorize them. There are no set rules to help you!

The good news is that the more you see them and use them yourself, the easier they are to remember.

Let's do just that in the Got It? section!

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