Types of Animals and What Makes Them Special

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Do you know what a wild animal is? What does the word wild mean? Find out and learn what makes wild animals special!


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  • Is a puppy a wild animal?
  • What about a little tiny kitten?

Let's find out the answer!

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  • So, what is a wild animal?

Let's find out now!

Wild animals are different than animals we keep as pets because wild animals live in the natural world without the help of people.

Wild animals might live in the jungle.


Wild animals might also live in the forest.


Wild animals can live in the desert, in the grasslands, or even in the savanna.


These are just some of the places wild animals might live.

Learn more about different wild animals and what makes them special as you watch Wild animals for kids - Vocabulary for kids from Smile and Learn - English:

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A tiger is a wild animal. A tiger is a large cat and has stripes.


An elephant is a wild animal. An elephant is huge, or very big! An elephant has four legs, two ears, and a long gray trunk.


A giraffe is also a wild animal. A giraffe has a long neck, four legs, and brown spots.


A lion is a wild animal. A lion has a mane, four legs, big paws, and a tail.


A zebra is a wild animal. A zebra has four legs and black and white stripes!


A gorilla is another wild animal. A gorilla likes to swing in the trees.

baby gorilla

There are many different kinds of wild animals, and they each have special characteristics.

Move on to the Got It? section to see what you remember about wild animals.

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