Characters' Adventures & Experiences in Stories: Same or Different?

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Did you know that characters in stories have different experiences and adventures? In this lesson, you'll get to compare and contrast what characters see, what they do, and where they go!


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Stories are so much fun to read! Stories have characters, and those characters have adventures!  

  • What is your favorite story?
  • Who are the characters in that story?
  • Do they all have the same experiences and adventures in the story? Or are they different?

Read a story called The Ant and the Grasshopper, by Diane Marwood and Gabriele Antonini.

One character in this story is a grasshopper. The other characters are ants.

Meet these different characters and read about what they get to see.

Read about what they get to do.

You will get to see what is the same and what is different about their experiences.

Let's begin!

Watch a read aloud video of The Any and the Grasshopper.

Image - Video

Let's discuss what the characters saw and did in the story.

  • What was the grasshopper doing at the story's beginning?

The grasshopper was lying in the hot sun. The grasshopper was singing, too!

  • What were the ants doing at the story's beginning?

The ants were finding grain and storing it for the winter.

grasshopper singing and ants collecting food

The grasshopper and the ants were doing different things. They had different experiences.

  • What happened to the grasshopper when the winter came?

The grasshopper was cold and hungry.

  • What happened to the ants when the winter came?

The ants were warm and ate their grain.

ants eating inside

In stories like this one, there are different characters. Sometimes, characters do different things and see different things. They have different experiences.

Good work comparing the characters and their experiences.

Now, move to the Got It? section to practice!

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