Analogies Are to Writing As Cheese Is to Burgers!

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A burger without cheese is as boring as writing without analogies! This figure of speech improves your writing by adding comparisons between things. So jump into this lesson and be as happy as a clam!



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  • Have you ever seen the movie Forrest Gump?

Watch the opening scene below to see if you can guess the analogy the main character, Forrest, makes.

My moma always said Life is Like a Box of Chocolates - Forrest Gump (1994) - Movie Clip HD Scene from Legendary Movie Scenes:

Forrest says that life is like a box of chocolates because you never know what you will get! This is an example of an analogy.

This famous movie begins with this analogy to draw in the audience and get their attention.

You have probably seen analogies before in other movies and books.

Making sentences interesting and fun is as easy as pie when you are using analogies!

Analogies, like comparing life to a box of chocolates, is entertaining to the viewer since it adds extra flair and thoughtfulness to movies or literature.

Take a look at these two images:

  • How would you compare these two pictures?
  • Do they have anything in common?

Write down all the comparisons that you can make on a piece of paper.

You may have noticed that the roses and the strawberries were both red and that they smell good!

To make writing interesting and more relatable, some authors use analogies to show these comparisons.

For example, you could say that a strawberry was as red as a bouquet of roses or that a strawberry smelled as sweet as roses.

This type of comparison is called an analogy.

  • What is an analogy?

Analogies make connections between two things. The two things can have many similarities or they can be vastly different.

Analogies usually make a point or create a vivid image.

Analogies can look like full sentences or they can be word patterns. Take a look at these examples!

Word-Pattern Analogies

The pattern-styled analogies are written like this:

frog is to water as bird is to tree

In this case, you can see that each object has a relationship with the other.

The frog lives in the water.

A bird can be compared to a frog since they are both animals that live in different environments.

The natural habitat for the frog is the water, and the natural environment for the bird is a tree.

There are several different ways to make these types of analogies, including with:

  • synonyms

Each part of the comparison consists of words that have the same meaning.

Example: big is to gigantic as short is to diminutive

  • antonyms

Each part of the comparison consists of words that have opposite meanings.

Example: happy is to sad as depressed is to ecstatic

  • cause and effect

Each part of the comparison consists of one word that is the source of some action and one word that is the result or consequence.

Example: spark is to fire as rain is to flood

  • function

Each part of the comparison consists of one word that is an object and one word that is the function related to that object.

Example: strum is to guitar as type is to keyboard

  • parts of a whole

Each part of the comparison consists of a word that is part of a word that is its whole.

Example: leaves are to trees as clouds are to the sky

Sentence Analogies

The analogies written as sentences compare two things that may not seem to be alike. We call them metaphors and similes.

  • metaphors

A sentence that compares two things without using the words like or as.

Example: You are a shining star.

person holding star

  • similes

A sentence that compares two things using the words like or as.

Example: You are as bright as a lightbulb.


Review everything you just learned as you watch Types of Analogy (Part 1) from Teacher Aya EducaToon:

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