Book Scavenger: Round 3

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Do you like to get up and move your body around? This lesson in our series on Book Scavenger encourages just that! Come see what exactly you will be learning and doing!


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The characters in Book Scavenger have to unscramble some words to discover clues about where books are hiding. Try it yourself!

  • Can you unscramble these words?

Watch Scrambled Word Game - Guess the Word Game (5 Letter Words) from Apptato:

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  • How many did you get?

You've proved you're ready for this lesson!

Before continuing, make sure you have completed the first and second Related Lessons in this series, found in the right-hand sidebar.

In this lesson, you'll continue reading up through chapter 30. It would be best to have a copy of Book Scavenger even if you plan to utilize the included read-along videos.

This lesson also includes some fun challenges and projects that will encourage you to think about the book in ways you might not on your own! This will help you to understand this book better, as well as future books you read!

  • How did you do with the word scramble above?
  • Do you think you maybe had some of the same feelings as Emily, Matthew, and James?

You've been doing a lot of reading, so enjoy watching a story with a mystery!

As you watch the video below, listen for anything similar to Book Scavenger as well as what is different.

The CASE of the BROKEN VASE! An Evan TubeHD Detective Story from EvanTubeHD:

Image - Video

When you are ready, head over to the Got It? section to refelct on the similarities and differences between this mystery and the one in Book Scavenger!

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