Book Scavenger: Second (Lesson) Is Best!

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You've read the first eight chapters of Book Scavenger. What is your favorite part so far? I think today's reading (through Chapter 19) might top it! Start this lesson to begin!


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By now, you should have read the first eight chapters of Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman.

  • Did you know her favorite ice cream flavor is Baskin Robbins™ Mint Chocolate Chip?

mint chocolate chip ice cream cone

  • What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Mine is vanilla, even though many people think that's boring!

vanilla ice cream cone

Keep reading to learn other fun facts about the author of Book Scavenger!

Before continuing, make sure you have completed the first Related Lesson in this series, found in the right-hand sidebar.

In this lesson, you'll continue reading up through chapter 19. It would be best to have a copy of Book Scavenger even if you plan to utilize the included read-along videos.

Okay, let's get to know author Jennifer Chambliss Bertman!

Learning about authors helps you better understand why they wrote a book and why they include certain parts. Authors usually write about what they know and things with which they have experience!

You already learned this author's favorite ice cream flavor!

Check out the Jennifer Chambliss Bertman website to learn more fun facts.

  • What did you learn about the author?
  • Can you connect any of it to her novel Book Scavenger?

Let's jump back into the book in the Got It? section!

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