I Like; I Don't Like ... About Books!

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Everyone is different. Sometimes we like books that others don't like, and that's okay. Come learn how to share your opinions about books!


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Take a look at this picture:

thumbs up thumbs down

  • What do you see?
  • What does it make you think of? 
  • Did the picture above make you think about liking and not liking something?

That's an opinion.

An opinion is a thought or feeling you have about something.

People have different opinions.

For example, some people like chocolate and others don't.

chocolate opinions

To learn more, watch Fact or Opinion for Kids *UPDATED* from Teaching Without Frills:

Image - Video

When you read, you have an opinion about parts of the book and about the book overall.

Everyone has different opinions and thoughts about what they read.

kids thinking

It's good to share your thoughts so others can decide if they think the same way or not!

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