The End: The One and Only Ivan

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You’ve almost made it to the end! Throughout this lesson, you will finish reading the book and get to make your own book trailer! What would you say about this book to all of your friends?


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Lesson Plan - Get It!

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Take this Gorillas by the Numbers trivia quiz below to gain some more fun knowledge!

  • Can you get them all right?

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In this last and final Related Lesson of The One and Only Ivan series, you will get the chance to do quite a bit of reading. I know you're excited for that!

You will also continue to analyze and share your thoughts about what you're reading while really focusing on the theme. This allows for better understanding of the text that you read.

The theme of a book is the lesson, moral, or message that the author teaches the readers to follow in their own lives.

Many times the author won't come right out and directly tell you the theme, but there are lots of clues or evidence for a certain theme. There can even be more than one theme in a text.

In order to think of the theme, you have to think of the plot (or the events that happened to the characters in a text) and think about what can be learned from what happened.

  • What did the characters learn?
  • How can that carry over to your own life?

Some examples of themes could be:

  • Teamwork can help a task get done quicker and better.
  • People are more important than things.
  • Hard work pays off.
  • Virtue is its own reward.

Let's look at a story with a shorter plot to see an example of theme.

The Lion and the Mouse | Aesop's Fables Series | from Early Learning Academy:

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As the video mentioned at the end, the theme of this short story was that you should help out others who were willing to help you.

You can see how the events in the plot led to that theme. That theme isn't only specific to that one story, it can be carried over to any reader's life.

You know what's next! The Got It? section is up!

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