It’s Time to Go FOURTH: The One and Only Ivan

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People often have visions for their lives, and authors often have visions for their books. In this lesson, you will continue reading about Ivan and make a vision board for a character of your choice!


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As we've worked on The One and Only Ivan lessons so far, we've seen how intelligent gorillas are.

  • Don't believe it?

Just watch this video!

Silverback gorilla stops traffic to cross road | Gorilla Family and Me | BBC Earth:

Image - Video

  • Do you think Ivan is capable of doing something like this in the pages we read today?

Let's jump in and see!

In this lesson, you will continue to learn how analyzing and sharing thoughts about a book helps you to understand it better. This skill will carry with you and help you understand all genres and books better.

  • Wasn't that video about gorillas interesting?
  • Do you feel like a gorilla expert after reading this book and working through all these lessons?

Throughout this series of Related Lessons, we've gotten to know Ivan, the fictional gorilla, really well!

  • Are you interested in reading about the real Ivan?

Read the New York Times newspaper article about the real Ivan: A Gorilla Sulks in a Mall as His Future Is Debated. This is the same article from all the way back in 1993 that inspired Katherine Applegate to write The One and Only Ivan!

We just read about the real Ivan, but the fictional Ivan is ready and waiting for you in the Got It? section of this lesson. Come along!

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