Second Is Best: The One and Only Ivan

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We loved getting to start this book together in lesson 1, so let's continue with lesson 2 to see what happens with Ivan next! You'll get to meet a new neighbor of his. Who could it be?


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Lesson Plan - Get It!

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  • Did you know that gorillas can learn sign language to communicate with humans? Crazy, right?

Read about that and other interesting Gorillas Facts from Cool Kid Facts!

This will help get our minds ready and focused on gorillas! I know Ivan would appreciate that if he were to see our work in this lesson today!

  • Weren't those facts you read about gorillas fascinating?

I sure thought so!

Remember, in this series of Related Lessons (found in the right-hand sidebar), you will have the opportunity to practice analyzing and discussing The One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate.

This is important because the whole purpose of reading is to make as much meaning of it as you can. If you can share your thoughts and see thoughts from others, this creates an even higher level of your thinking about the text. These skills will help you understand ALL books better!

Before we jump into our reading for today, I want you to read About Katherine to learn more about the author, Katherine Applegate.

  • How do you think learning this information about the author will change any of the thoughts you'll have as you're reading The One and Only Ivan?

Knowing about the author of a book we're reading will help our thinking dive even deeper.

  • What stood out to you?

Here's what stood out to me: I could really tell that Applegate likes and respects animals. That makes me think that she wrote The One and Only Ivan to get people to respect gorillas, as well as other animals that are in cages.

I also agree with her that enjoying reading means picking out the right book! I LOVE to read when it's a book I'm interested in. There are books about SO many topics; each reader just has to find a book about what he or she likes!

Hopefully The One and Only Ivan is one of those books to you already. It sure is to me!

One last thing before we continue reading in the Got It? section. We ended the last lesson with reading pages 20 to 50 and thinking about one of the following:

  • How would you describe Ivan's friends based on the text evidence?
  • As you are reading, what are you predicting will happen next?
  • What is the theme of this book so far? What is this book trying to teach us or tell us about real life?
  • What conclusions can you make about the habitat where Ivan lives?

Now is your time to share what you thought!

  • Which one of those questions did you most pay attention to when you were reading?
  • Did you focus on other thoughts while you were reading?

Type a few of the notes that you took below:

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Awesome! It's great to share your thoughts.

Now, let's move on to reading and working together in the next section of this book. Yay!

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