Top 10 British Monarchy Line of Succession

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Who is in line for the British Monarchy? How does succession work? It may be more complicated than you think. This lesson will explain how the line of succession works and who is in the top 10!


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  • Did you know that only two of the Queen's four children are in the top 10 in the line of succession to the British throne?

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch in the world.

  • But who will take her place when she is no longer Queen?

A Little Background on the British Monarchy

The British Monarchy is not immune to scandal. In fact, a bit of a scandal is the reason Queen Elizabeth II is currently the Sovereign. On December 11, 1936, King Edward VIII (Queen Elizabeth II's uncle) abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson, a divorcee from the United States. Abdicate means to renounce or quit one's throne.

In those days, the King of England would not have been allowed to marry someone who had been divorced. The abdication forever changed the line of succession to the British Monarchy.

After King Edward VIII abdicated the throne, he married Wallis Simpson and was given the title Duke of Windsor. His brother became King George VI (Queen Elizabeth II's father) and reigned from December 11, 1936 to his death on February 6, 1952.

On February 6, 1952, Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Who follows when she is no longer Queen?

Watch the video below to find out!

Line Of Succession To The British Throne! Including Archie Harrison! 2019 (Updated) from Royal Reviewer:

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Now you know the names of the first 10 royals in the line of succession to the British Monarchy. Move on to the Got It? section to learn a bit more about each of them.

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