Steps in the Writing Process: Success with the Publishing Step

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Your written piece is polished and ready for the world, but is the world ready for you? You must get it before the public and there are several ways to do that. Some research and these tips will help!



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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Have you ever imagined what it would like to publish something that you wrote? Watch HOW TO WRITE & PUBLISH A BOOK AT 12 YEARS OLD, by Atua Mo'e, to see the story of a young author who published his book at 12-years-old!


It is possible, and it can happen to you by taking the challenge and learning about this final step of the writing process!

"I went from being a 13-year-old writer clueless about the publishing process to an 18-year-old landing a book contract from her dream publisher. And I most sincerely believe this can happen to other young writers. My story is not a fairytale; it’s a template. It’s an example that other young writers can follow to achieve success in their own writing goals."

These are the words of Jaquelle Crowe, a young writer who had big dreams of getting her writing published and finally achieved that vision by following the steps of the writing process. This can be you! Read How I Got Published As A Teen (Lesson #2), by Jaquelle Crows, to learn more about what she did to become a publishing success.

Welcome to the final lesson in our Steps to the Writing Process series! The previous lessons can be found under Related Lessons in the right-hand sidebar. Now that you have written, revised, and edited your writing, it is time to publish!

Publishing means getting your printed material into the hands of the public so they can read and comment on it. Publishing can be done several ways, including blogs, newsletters, websites, bulletin boards, magazines, newspapers, or even your very own book! Publishing gives readers access to what you have written. The process of publishing involves rereading, finalizing your corrections, typing, adding illustrations (if needed), and creating a cover or title page. Watch Writing a Personal Narrative: Publishing for Kids, by Teaching Without Frills:


There are many different ways to publish your writing. Two major ways to publish a piece of writing are through traditional publishing and self-publishing.

The traditional way of publishing involves finding an agent and working with a publishing company. This way of publishing requires the publishing company to do all the work, in terms of promoting the book and getting it distributed. Generally , there is no cost to the author, but the requirements can be more stringent.

Self-publishing involves using self-publishing platforms to distribute your writing or book. Some of these self-publishing platforms are Amazon, Lulu, and Barnes & Noble. The idea behind self-publishing is to take care of all the distribution and promotion for the book on your own. Watch HOW TO PUBLISH YOUR BOOK, by KatChats, for a look at how one young person did this:


Read Pros And Cons Of Traditional Publishing vs Self-Publishing, by Joanna Penn on The Creative Penn Limited, to discover more about the two major ways to publish.

Now, take a walk over to the Got It? section to put the publishing process to the test!

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