The Ten Commandments

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Are laws really necessary? Don't we have enough common sense to do things that are right all the time? How do we know what's right? Like fences around zoo animals, laws keep us safe. Study the Big 10!


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When you hear the phrase, "The Ten Commandments," what do you think of? Are they important? Are there other laws that are as important?

The Ten Commandments are some of the most famous laws in world history.

Practically everyone knows the basic story: Moses led his people, the Israelites, out of Egypt. Along the way, he climbed a mountain where he spoke with God, and he returned with stone tablets engraved with ten very important laws.

It looked, at least according to Hollywood, something like this: The Ten Commandments (7/10) Movie CLIP - Moses Presents the Ten Commandments (1956) HD (Movieclips):


Go back and watch the video one more time. This time, write down answers to the following questions as you go:

  • How does the video clip portray the Israelite people?
  • What importance does Moses place on the laws in this clip?
  • What do they accuse Moses of?

Even though they first appeared almost 3,500 years ago, the Ten Commandments are still a topic in the news! There are regular controversies in the United States over displaying the Ten Commandments in courtrooms and other public places.

  • How many of the Ten Commandments do you know?

Here’s a quick clue: Start with “Thou shalt not… .” In your notebook or journal, write down the numbers 1 through 10 along the left-hand side. Then, write down as many of the Ten Commandments as you can remember or guess. You can check your answers in the Got It? section.

When you are finished making your list, reflect on the following questions and record your responses in your notebook or journal:

  • Why do you think laws are important to a community?
  • What do you think made each of the laws of the Ten Commandments important to Moses’ people?
  • How do these laws differ from the kinds of laws we have in modern times?

The Ten Commandments is an important part of religious history, but it is also an important part of world history.

In the Got It? section, learn more about the Ten Commandments and explore the other laws recorded in the Bible.

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