Adding the Suffixes -s and -es

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Snakes can teach us about the letters s and es! Sound out the word snakes to hear the letter sounds. Learn when to use s and es to change nouns and verbs.


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The letter s looks kind of like a snake.

  • What does s sound like?

Unlike a snake, it has two sounds!

The letter s can make two sounds.

The most common sound for the letter s is /s/ like in the word snake. Sometimes, the letter s makes the /z/ sound when added to the end of a word, like in the word bugs.

Say the word snake out loud. Listen for the /s/ sound.

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Now, say the word bugs out loud. Listen for the /z/ sound.

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In this lesson, you will read and write words with both sounds for s as you learn more about base words and suffixes.

A base word is a word that can stand alone as a word and makes sense.

Sometimes, you will add a suffix to the end of the word. You can add an -s or -es to the end of a noun and a verb.

Explain in your own words what a noun and verb are.

You should have said a noun is a person, place, or thing. The verbs in this lesson are action verbs. A verb is a word that names an action.

Watch this video to learn more about adding s and es to a word.

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After you watch the video, answer the following questions on a piece of paper.

  • What are two types of words you can add a suffix to?
  • When do you add -es to a word?
  • Why do you add -s or -es to a verb?
  • Why do you add -s or -es to a noun?

When you have finished answering the questions about the video, move on to the Got It? section for more practice with adding suffixes to a base word.

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