Making … Red Celery?

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There is a wide variety of colors in the kingdom of vegetables and flowers. You may have seen leaves change color in the fall, but did you know you can re-color some vegetables and flowers yourself?



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Does this pasta look yummy? What happened to it?

Capillary action has been demonstrated in many ways and occurs in everyday experiences.

Capillary action can be demonstrated by water rising up against the pull of gravity. Capillary action gives liquids the capability to climb up through very small tubes, such as when drawing blood. Food coloring was able to climb the chromatography paper and pull the colors apart as it dyed the paper.

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Have you ever seen red celery ? Not green celery, but RED celery. Believe it or not, because of capillary action, this is possible! Let’s join Dr. Z to learn more about how capillary action can dye food!


  • Capillary action can do some incredible and very important things for humans, but why is capillary action so crucial for a plant's growth?

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