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Anti-gravity Action!

Contributor: Kaitlyn Aston. Lesson ID: 12692

Try this-Jump up into the air and stay there. You can't do it? You're not tied to the ground with rope, are you? What pulls you back down is gravity. Would you like to make water rise against gravity?


Physical Science

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Lesson Plan - Get It!


Does this picture look strange to you? The ice cubes look like they are going against gravity and “flying” out of the cup! Have you ever seen anything go against gravity before?

Imagine that you spent all day at the pool, and now it is time to go home.

You grab your towel and start to dry yourself off before you get into the car. When you get home, you are told that you need to take a shower because it is almost time for bed. You shower, dry off, get dressed, brush your teeth, and hop into bed.

  • Did you know that you used something known as capillary action three times since getting out of the pool and getting into bed?
  • Curious about what capillary action is?

Join Dr. Z to find out!


  • Now do you have a better understanding of capillary action?

Capillary action is the movement of a liquid up a solid due to the compression of molecules.

  • Did you know that capillary action also occurs when water is transferred from one material to another?

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